Winters of My Discontent

Winters of my Discontent Arriving at my daughter’s apartment in Pacific Grove, California, from Slavonice, Czech Republic, on a visit in October of 2019, I was prevented from going home because of the pandemic. My daughter’s apartment is small, even for one person, but I have managed to develop creative projects in a very small

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Chaos and Rivers

CHAOS AND RIVERS THE SNAKE RIVER, IDAHO FALLS Coming back to the Snake River this winter, just before spring began, I was forcibly reminded of how alike a river is to the human narrative.  Time has a topology over which events must flow and there is an element of chaos in both kinds of rivers,

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The River

The River I arrived in Idaho Falls where I had lived as a twenty-something, from Slavonice amid great difficulty (within the travel industry) and quarantined for five days at a hotel on the Snake River.Heraclitus said you never step in the same river twice.  But Mark Twain said history never repeats itself, but it rhymes. 

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Gem of the Mountains

Moving to Idaho I am moving my permaculture operations to Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I am defining permaculture rather loosely here.  To have a more sustainable world, we must re-envision the world that we have.  In our striving to have a new vision of the world, creative projects are useful. A created object, like an essay

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Begin in the Dark

Begin in the Dark Begin in the Dark I came back to my house in Slavonice after being locked out for two years due to government restrictions.  After arriving, I learned that the government had again closed down their borders and I was in official lock-down. The garden is gone, my friends are gone, and

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Edward Munch

MY RELATIONSHIP TO EDVARD MUNCH   My college painting instructor, Mary Kirkwood, was a remarkable woman.  I am remembering her lately because I am making a video for my online high school art course on painting a still life, and began ruminating on my own style of painting. Generally, the only time I paint something

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